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Your names will be listed in columns in the order presented. If you wish them to be in alphabetical order, you must send them alphabetized. To ensure that names are clear and readable, they will be printed in uppercase Arial font. You need to provide us with a name list only, we will finish layout in columns.
Emailing Us Your Name List
  1. Please include Studio/Group name and contact information in your email and attach your name list.
  2. We prefer an emailed name list in one of the following programs. Other programs may
    work, but please contact us first to verify.

  3. EXCEL (entire name in one cell)
    WORKS (entire name in one cell)
    CORELDRAW 11.0 or lower
  4. Send names in one column in order you wish them to appear (i.e. alphabetical). We will format and finish layout. We will send a proof once layout is finished.
  5. E-Mail to:

  6.      General

Faxing or Mailing Us Your Name List
We will be retyping your list; we need the original to be typed and clear for accuracy.
  1. Please include studio/group name and contact information.
  2. Names need to be in all Uppercase
  3. Names should be in Arial font if possible and no smaller than 10 points in size.
  4. Names need to be sent in order you wish them to appear (i.e. Alphabetical). We will format and finish layout. We will send a proof once layout is finished.
    or Mail to:

  5.      Dance World Bazaar
         1553 Commerce E Drive
         Greensburg, IN 47240

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